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We provide web development based on latest technologies and standards:
Drupal, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, CodeIgniter

DevelopmentNode provides usability-focused development of websites and web applications based on the latest technologies and standards. Our services help you to standardize your business activities and stay ahead of the competition. Our capabilities include solutions such as social networking, Content Management Systems, membership sites, and other popular technologies.

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Web development includes a lot more than simple web design. Web design helps your website to look professional, but web development is the “heart” of your website. We can create websites by your wish with advice which technology can be used to accelerate website functionality:

  • Static web sites developed using HTML, CSS
  • CMS (Content Menagement System) websites using Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. A CMS is a tool that enables a variety of (centralised) technical and (de-centralised) non technical staff to create, edit, manage and finally publish (in a number of formats) a variety of content (such as text, graphics, video, documents etc), whilst being constrained by a centralised set of rules, processes and workflows that ensure coherent and validated electronic content
  • Custom website technologies using PHP/MySQL/JQuery/Ajax
  • Classic Flash content and Flash with XML and PHP

Regardless of whether it is a small website that needs only a few pages in HTML/CSS, or a big e-Commerce project we can:

  • Convert your static website to CMS
  • Create Responsive websites – adaptable for tablets and smart phones
  • Integrate your website with social networks, PayPal and other services through API technologies
  • Develop Newsletter systems for one or more groups of users
  • Create a website prototype as a guideline for your own web designer
  • Develop e-Commerce features through proper grouping and management of customers, invoices, calendars and booking systems.
Send us your specification and requirements for your website and our team will evaluate the size and difficulty of the work and tell you the cost and time of completion.