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Lesson No. 3: Sharing Mechanisms

Posted: January 21, 2013  |  by admin  |    |  No Comments »

From the first two lessons, we realize that SEO is an integral part of any marketing campaign, that the content (which should be unique and original) of the website is also a very important for the positioning of your site on search engines, but we also learned that the sharing of content is also very important, as in many situations as it possible, from the aspect of it’s appearance on personal and professional social networks of friends or business associates.

Now, that you’re a little more familiar with the Social Sharing indicators, the question is how to implement them on your website.

There are great ways that can help your readers to share your content, like share buttons on your website (facebook “share” button, facebook “like”, twitter “follow” or “retweet”, google +1 etc..), but two of my favorites (and easiest to implement) are ShareThis (www.sharethis.com) and AddThis (www.addthis.com). ShareThis has great tools that allows readers to share your content with theirs personal and professional networks, but it also has an option to take the reader directly to your social media pages and become a follower or they can “like” your page.

Both of these networks, ShareThis and AddThis, are giving you the opportunity to have a complete analysis of your content and sharing can be integrated directly into Google Analytics. There are also many other ways to share your content, by building opportunities for your readers to share with the touch of a button through custom html or other methods that are not mentioned here, but the two ways mentioned above are by far the easiest to implement.

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